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Our Service

Maintenance & Troubleshooting support for Gas/Diesel Generators:

  • Trouble shooting support for 24X365 days.
  • E30/E40 Schedule maintenance support.
  • E50/E60/E70 Schedule maintenance/Overhauling support
  • Annual Maintenance Contract.
  • Consultancy about generator.

Repairing Solutions for Generator Electronic Items:

  • Repairing solutions for TEM Evo Operating Terminal/Touchscreen.
  • Repairing solutions for ZS3 Ignition system
  • Repairing solutions for GPC3
  • Repairing solutions for different electronic card of CPU rack.
Ecotec Power Ltd

Maintenance & Troubleshooting service for Cooling Tower:

  • Cooling Tower maintenance service
  • Cooling Tower Trouble service
  • Consultancy for Cooling Tower.